Affordable Group Health Insurance – Secure Your Future

Affordable group health insurance can be a great money saver for cash-strapped families in modern society. The rising costs of “fee-for-service” healthcare makes even a check-up become an economic hardship to many families. These fees are so high because most medical practices cater to insurance companies. These companies “write off” a portion of what they are charged, so doctors and hospitals inflate the cost of services. Unfortunately, in this system, those without affordable group health insurance bear the brunt of healthcare costs.

Costs for group medical insurance are based on probabilities. The insurance company knows that it will have to cover some of its insureds’ medical needs in any given month. What they try to do is collect enough to cover these expenditures, as well as their overhead, and make a little profit in the process. When you contribute to this pool, your health care costs will be partially paid for when you have covered medical issues.

Different insurance companies have different policies for how much they cover. Some cover a certain percentage of your medical costs, some require a co-pay (set amount for each office visit), and some have a deductible, an amount you must spend out-of-pocked before insurance kicks in.

You can easily avail of affordable group health insurance if your employer (or that of your spouse) provides this facility to its workers. Sometimes a tie up between a health insurance company (including group health insurance firms based in Texas) and a place of work can result in discounted medical cover for its workers. In exchange, the employer may pay part of the monthly health insurance costs, leaving the worker to pay the rest, thus providing affordable group health insurance. Contact your human resources manager to inquire whether such discounted medical cover is available at your place of work.

This health insurance will also cover your children or dependents. It is usual for employees to be able to add their family members during the open enrolment period for a slightly higher premium. When you or your spouse has a child, you will also have the opportunity in most cases to immediately add your child to the insurance policy.

If you are self employed, or your employer does not offer affordable group health insurance, medical insurance can be obtained by seeking out a group to join. By searching “individual medical insurance” or “open group health insurance” on the internet, one can find a variety of options for joining a group.

%NL% You can save huge sums of money by obtaining group medical insurance obtained through a place of employment or on an individual basis. An insured person will probably pay less money for healthcare than an uninsured because he will be paying only co-pays, deductibles or a percentage of exorbitant medical fees.


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