The President and the Bank Would Like to Save Your Home From Foreclosure – Bank Loan Modifications

Have you been hit hard by the current economic downturn? Is foreclosure looming in the near future, and you really don’t know quite what to do? It might surprise you to know that the President and your bank do not want you to lose your home. If you qualify, a Bank Loan Modification under the Housing Stimulus Package may help you avoid foreclosure.

President Obama has allocated 75 billion dollars to fund this program. Banks are paid a financial reward of One thousand dollars for rewriting mortgages that are already on the books, but adjusting the loan so the monthly payments are lower. This allows the homeowner to have a chance to avoid foreclosure.

The banks are motivated through this financial incentive, but, in truth, they do not like to do foreclosures. Foreclosures are expensive and time-consuming for them. And, in this economic climate, the homes may sit empty for many months or years. So, the banks do not want you to lose your home.

You might qualify for assistance under this program. If you have experienced financial hardship, you may be partially there! Financial hardship in this instance refers to something happening that lowers your income or raises your expenses, and you have no control over it. You have to prove it with documentation. You also have to make a case for it in a letter called a Hardship Letter.

The flip side of the income coin is that you also have to prove that you have enough income to support the modified payment, and that you are committed to making the payment. Of course, under this program, you are rewarded with one thousand dollars for every year up to five that you are current with your payments!


Hartford Auto Insurance Policies

There are many new companies that offer car insurance but none really stand up to Hartford auto insurance. This company offers a long heritage of excellent customer service and dependability. This prestigious company was established in 1810 and it has been going strong ever since.

There is good reason for Hartford Financial Services Group’s longevity. This company has pioneered the way for people to make sound investments and it has served to help people protect their assets when it comes to car insurance. While many assume that this is a relatively expensive choice for auto policies, there are some discounts to consider while you are shopping.

Hartford Auto Insurance Discounts

Shopping for car coverage can be overwhelming. Many people may be attracted to the lowest rates possible with minimum coverage. However, you can expect to get the most insurance for the least amount of money if you do a little homework while browsing through the options. This includes considering discounts offered by well-established companies.

There are a variety of discounts offered by Hartford. Customers who have more than one vehicle on the policy, you may be eligible for a lower premium through this company. This is a very popular discount for families that have more than one driver and for anyone who expects to cover more than one vehicle.

Defensive driver credit is available to individuals who have completed a defensive driver course. Among the approved courses is the AARP Driver Safety Program. The discount is in effect for three years before recertification is necessary. This program is also known as the Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course Discount in the state of New York.

Younger drivers have access to discounts through Hartford as well. Drivers under the age of twenty-one can receive credit for completing approved courses and in the state of Georgia, this discount applies to drivers under twenty-five. The good student driver credit is also an option for younger drivers to consider.

The company offers discounts for air bags and anti-theft devices among other safety precautions. The best way to find out more about your options is to make price comparisons between different companies. Hartford auto insurance may be in your price range.


Where to Find Tax Lien Auction

There are times when a property owner is unable to pay the obligation in property tax. When this happen, a property owner becomes a delinquent taxpayer and a governing authority is in charge of collecting the taxes. However, if the authority is not able to collect the required property taxes, they will opt to take the final step to collect the taxes. The public auction is the final step that will take the delinquent properties to be sold. Auction is an auction ordered by the court depending on the nature of sales in the form of tax lien certificates or tax deed sales. Auction in the form of tax lien certificate entails selling of certificates to assert the total sum of taxes as well as the administrative interests and charges.

The required property tax will be achieved through a auction and the delinquent properties are offered in the amount due for the taxes, interests and fees. Tax lien auction is an open sale that is why participants may tender their bids over and under the amount required for the tax of delinquent properties. The drawback is that the buyer will not be able to recover or refund the overbid.

Purchasing a tax lien certificate to pay against the required property taxes incurred by the delinquent taxpayer.

However, the delinquent taxpayer along with the interest charges will pay the amount back to you that are about 16-18%. This kind of auction allows the buyer the possibility to acquire the property in case of fail to repay by the delinquent taxpayer. In addition, the buyer can also obtain higher percentage of interest when repayment is made.

A referee appointed by the court conducts the tax lien auction. As the auction starts the referee announces the terms of sale and the required amount of bidder’s deposit. Just like any procurement bidding process, the prospective buyer or bidder is required to pay 10 percent of the bid amount in form of certified check payable to the referee. The delinquent properties sold in a auction are sold where is and as is. This means that a bidder has no right to investigate the property prior to the auction schedule as well as inspect the interior of the property. Although the property is deemed foreclosure, it is not allowed to enter the property and do some inspection. This may seem that your bid is in uncertainty because whatever the condition of the property you are not allowed to investigate and inspect.

There are many listings offered by different websites that allows the prohibition of keying the data for the buyer or bidder. This will also let the buyer to choose the right lists that qualifies to the criteria.


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